Why do you pack in plastic jars rather than glass?

We pack into plastic jars for two reasons - less risk of product damage as we ship internationally, and also plastic is not a household safety risk like a glass jar is. Also our jars are produced using pharmaceutic grade (higher than food grade) plastic to ensure the highest quality storage of our precious honey.

Are your plastic jars BPA and Phthalate free ?

Yes our jars are free from BPA and Phthalates. Neither of these ingredients are added during the jar production process.

Is Steens Manuka Honey from New Zealand?

We use USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad. All of our shipments leave the United States and will likely spend time in the customs for the country where the shipment arrives. We cannot provide any customs clearance estimates, but in most cases, shipments may spend anywhere from one to three days in customs.

IMPORTANT: Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order.

What does UMF mean?

The UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) trademark was established by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA). The UMF® grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey, and assures purity & quality. This is compliant with the recent interim labelling guidelines published by the Ministry for Primary Industries. Not all Manuka Honeys are UMF® rated – only those which have been independently tested and verified by UMFHA are given a UMF® rating. For more information visit

What is the meaning of UMF 5+, UMF 10+, UMF 15+, UMF 20+ and UMF 24+?

The UMF® grading system has two components which are expressed on any UMF® licenced honey product:The label claim that it is Manuka,The number - this represents three chemical markers that indicate the content of this honey to ensure purity and quality. This includes the key manuka markers DHA, MGO, and Leptosperin. For more information visit

Why is Manuka Honey more expensive than other honeys?

Manuka Honey is unique to New Zealand and to obtain pure Manuka Honey is a specialised task for beekeepers. Manuka Honey is more difficult to extract and has a limited harvest period as it is only collected at certain times of the year. The unique properties of Manuka Honey are well understood by consumers around the world, thereby creating a continually high level of demand.

Why does honey’s colour and texture vary?

Honey is a natural product, influenced by seasonal and regional conditions. Some areas produce paler honey than others. Like a good wine, honey will grow in flavour and darken with age.

What is added to Steens honey?

Honeys produced by Steens are 100% Raw and pure with no additives.

I have Diabetes – can I take your honey?

Nectar from plants is the sugar source for honey. It is collected by bees, stored and ripened in the hive. The resulting honey is rich in natural fructose and glucose. Diabetics should consult their healthcare professional before consuming honey.

Can Manuka Honey be taken during pregnancy?

Manuka Honey has been taken by pregnant women for many years with no reported problems as a result of its ingestion.

Can children take Manuka Honey?

We do not recommend that honey be given to children under the age of one.


How long should I expect my online order to take to be delivered?

Steens aims to deliver all orders within 3-4 working days.Simply return the goods together with the shipping note to Steens within 10 working days of the date of purchase. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

How do I return goods which are damaged or not the same as what I ordered?

Simply return the goods together with the shipping note to Steens within 10 working days of the date of purchase. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Can I purchase the same promotions online and in store

Not always, some promotions are exclusively available on

The Steens website is not displaying correctly. What should I do?

Try pressing Ctrl-F5 (the Ctrl key and the F5 key at the same time). This refreshes the page and forces your browser to load the latest version of the Steens Honey Web page. This should resolve an issue where your computer may have some older Steens Honey files, which causes the site to display incorrectly. If you are using a Mac, press Command-R (the Command key and the 'R' key at the same time).

Are Steens products tested on animals?

Absolutely not, no animals are harmed during the producing or testing of our productsWe do not conduct animal testing on any of our products or ingredients, nor commission others to test on our behalf. At no point is animal testing a part of our product development process and we are committed to this policy.All of our products are extensively tested on humans only. We commonly test new products on ourselves and our family and friends. Any clinical trials have been conducted on humans. As our products are natural with our raw materials being either food or plant based, they do not pose any real risk to anyone consuming or applying them (unless they have allergies).

Can we take honey overseas?

Honey can be taken from New Zealand to many other countries. However, the customs officials in each market are able to deny entry of product even if the product is legally sold in their country. Honey cannot be taken to Western Australia, Samoa or Vanuatu. Please check with your local customs website.



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