Steens® UMF27+ is one of the highest UMF ratings available. To achieve a rating this high, conditions need to be perfect. You need a combination of ideal weather conditions, an abundance of Manuka near the hive sites, healthy bees, and the signature Steens® raw processing with no fine filtering - allowing all the natural properties to remain in the honey.

‘To harvest Manuka with a UMF reading this high, conditions need to be near perfect and there needs to be an abundance of Manuka near the hives.’

Steens® pure New Zealand Honey is loved worldwide for its raw taste, grainy texture, and full flavour. We use a unique process that keeps the honey at or below the natural temperature of the hive without filtering out the bee bread, pollen and other 100% natural goodies. Our Manuka honey is tested for authenticity using strict NZ Government standards, and then certified for purity under the UMF and MGO testing standards.



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The Manuka bush is also known as the Leptospermum Scoparium tree, which is indigenous to New  Zealand.  

Highly prized because of its long lasting antibacterial,
anti-fungal and natural healing properties, Manuka is proven to help accelerate wound healing, and is approved under the strict standards of the Food & Drug Association for this purpose. 


The ornate Manuka flower is a fickle beauty, only appearing for a short period of time during the summer months, and only if conditions are suitable. 

Using the elegant detail from the manuka flower, Mat from Think packaging and the Trubridge team created a blossoming flower to release the Manuka from its petals, allowing you to experience the true luxury of our highest grade of Manuka Honey. 


The Artisan Collection project started with hives filled with bees from the Wairarapa region of New Zealand, collecting the nectar from the Manuka flowers, blossoming in the pure New Zealand bush.

When the honey was harvested and tested, it was found to be some of the purest honey Steens® had ever seen, and they set about to make it a truly special experience. 

 David Trubridge came on board as the designer of the box, after years of award winning designs in the lighting industry, using natural materials to create beautiful silhouettes in buildings around the world. Combining the concept of the Manuka flower with the beauty of Trubridge designs, Mat created an unboxing experience that is truly unique, and has now been recognised with multiple awards for its ingenuity and innovation. 


David is an iconic New Zealand designer / artist who is sought after throughout the world for his creative lighting designs using natural materials. He has been listed as one of the top designers in the world by the French Magazine ‘Express’. 

‘I design to recreate that vital connection to nature that we have lost in the modern world’

- David Trubridge


A design-led structural packaging agency, Think is all about the form. The neat bevels. The tight creases. The perfect fit. We engineer beautiful and considered moments from cardboard for clients and creatives all over the globe.

There’s no regular here, no cutting corners. We’ve been thinking beyond the box for over a decade. From ideating a new, innovative structure to simply transforming an old one, we collaborate at every step from design to output. 


Owners of Steens honey, Paul and Sheryl Steens have been beekeepers for almost 40years. In that time, they have seen thousands of harvests of Manuka, so they knew this harvest was special.  

‘The desire was to give you one of natures rarest grades of Manuka Honey and a truly unique experience around it.’

- Paul and Sheryl Steens

1x 210g jar of UMF27+ Manuka Honey - UMF Certified and tested by the NZ government for purity.

1x award winning keepsake box in a trio of colours.

1x booklet filled with information about the project.