Raw Honey for supporting Daily Wellness

If you’re looking for a daily nutritional supplement to support wellness everyday and provide vitality with raw honey straight from the beehive, try our Daily Range.

UMF certified, packed and labelled in New Zealand, our UMF10+ and UMF15+ are our high grade Manuka options. Taken by the spoonful, or added to smoothies, oatmeal and porridge, cereal, toast or drizzled over fruit is the best way to enjoy this level of Manuka.

Ensuring you don’t heat our Daily Range above 104 degrees Fahrenheit so the live properties of your honey stay active is key to absorbing maximum immune-boosting benefits from this range, so using it in its raw form is the best way to take it.


If you’re looking for our highest grade Manuka, try our Targeted range with UMF20+ and above, and if you’re wanting to eliminate refined sugar from your diet in cooking and baking, try our milder Anytime Range. 

best for

Cough | Sore Throat | Scrapes and Cuts | Daily Wellness

recommended use

UMF15+ is the highest UMF in our daily range, making it the perfect choice for daily wellness support. Take at least one teaspoon per day to support your body in balanced wellness.  

Enjoy Steens® Daily Range Manuka UMF 15+ in smoothies, on cereal, oats or porridge, drizzled over fruit or by the spoonful for a concentrated dose. 

best for

General Wellbeing | Everyday use | Sore throat

recommended use

UMF10+ is our entry level product for the high strength Daily Range UMF grades. If you're looking for a certified Manuka that will assist your body to build immunity, take at least one teaspoon per day for an immunity boost to keep your body’s wellness in balance. 

Enjoy Steens® daily range Manuka UMF 10+ in smoothies before exercise for an energy hit, or in warm drinks, cereal, oatmeal and porridge or toast as a natural sweetener with added natural properties. 

Looking for something else?

We have a variety of different grades of raw honey to suit all your daily needs. From eliminating processed sugar, to supporting gut health and daily wellness to applying to your skin.

Take a look at the ranges below to see if there's something in there for you.


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